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Don't be fooled by the amateur interpreters, who may cause serious damage to your objectives!
HORUS guarantees true, efficient and intelligent interpreting, reflecting all the details of the original text while maintaining its particular style.
As professionals with an academic background, we are aware of the great responsibility for a true and accurate language transfer and do respect agreed schedules. Confidentiality is one of our core values, and all official interpreters accredited in Costa Rica are obliged to respect this basic rule by law, anyway.
Liaison interpreting at Costa Rican courts (civil and criminal), where we are officially admitted and acknowledged, or at business meetings, is also part of our activities which we handle in a very professional way, just as all of our tasks.


Our specializations include:

General Subject


* Commerce Import, Export, Logistic, Marketing
* IT Internet, Software localization, Data base systems
* Law Criminal law, Commercial law, Economic law, Environmental law, Land use regulations
* Medicine Medical technology
* Education Certifications, Diplomas, Reports
* Humanities and Social Sciences Ethnology, Archeology, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, History
* Politics Development politics, Social policy
* Environment Environmental protection, Environmental engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture
* Tourism Dining, Drinking, Cuisine, Travel guides, Gastronomy, Hotel industry
Look up our prices to see how reasonable they are. And don't hesitate to contact us for any particular quotation.

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